Long Lasting Self-Retracting Devices


With a wide variety of connector options and enhanced anchorage range, the DuraTech 6' Mini and 9’ WrapTech lifelines meet the fall protection challenges of nearly every work environment. And the abrasion resistant Dyneema lifeline webbing provides longer service life.

Both units are available as a single unit, or as a twin, and allow attachment from overhead to 5 feet below the dorsal D-ring (Read the manual for proper usage). With its 3-foot jacketed web and carabiner, the 9' WrapTech SRD provides the greatest tie-back anchorage connection range (11 in.) available today.


  • Swivel-eye for reduced lifeline leg twisting                                                  
  • Durable compact and impact resistant nylon housing
  • Internal locking pawls provide quick and positive stopping action
  • Integral shock absorber also provides visual fall event indication after deceleration         
  • Abrasion resistant Dyneema lifeline webbing provides longer service life 
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