A new soluble oil metalworking coolant has been announced by its manufacturer, JTM Products, Inc. KoolRite™ 2290 Long Life Coolant is a new generation soluble oil cutting fluid. It does not contain bacteriacides, phenols, nitrites, chlorine, DCHA or phosphorus, yet is guaranteed to provide at least two times the sump life of conventional soluble oils, according to its manufacturer. To eliminate the familiar rotten egg stench associated with gases produced by bacteria, KoolRite 2290 relies on BioArmor™ technology. This technology allows formulation without bacteriacides, providing “built-in” resistance to bacterial growth, and consequently its characteristic smell. In addition to reducing coolant consumption, KoolRite 2290 reduces sump change outs and disposal costs. It is hard-water resistant, maintaining sump life even as hard-water salts build up over time. Its formula rejects tramp oil, allowing clean coolant to be delivered to the chip/tool interface. KoolRite 2290 coolant provides a low foam, multi-metal capability, making it suitable for use throughout a metalworking shop. It yields excellent results with carbon and cast steels, high alloy and stainless steels, tool steel and aluminum in grinding, milling, drilling, turning, sawing, tapping, reaming or broaching.


* Appearance:Concentrate Dilution , Opaque, amber liquid Dilution White emulsion, Cloudy amber emulsion * Odor: Bland * Specific Gravity: 1.00 at 20° C (68°F) * Bulk Density: 8.00 lbs/gallon at 20°C (68°F) * pH (5% dilution): 8.8 typical * Solubility: Emulsifies
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