Long range SteelFace® sensors


Balluff has introduced new 2X extended range SteelFace® sensors that combine extended sensing range with low cost. The offering includes PNP N/O and NPN N/O versions in M8, M12 and M18 sizes. All sensors are also available with PTFE coated housings that repel slag buildup in welding applications. The SteelFace sensors’ features include one-piece gun drilled stainless steel 316L housings for superior corrosion and impact protection in addition to providing up to double the sensing range of standard inductive sensors. This extended range allows the sensors to be positioned further away from target impacts, thus decreasing incidental impacts – the leading cause of sensor failures. Balluff SteelFace sensors have special characteristics that make them the wise choice for harsh sensing environments. For example, the M12 double range version exhibits no loss of range when flush mounted in steel, while more expensive triple range models have noticeable reductions. Their long range characteristics, combined with PTFE coatings, give them long term survivability in tough weld cell applications. Their cost/performance ratio also makes them a great buy for their longevity. These new 2X extended range sensors further expand Balluff’s broad SteelFace line, which also includes ferrous, non-ferrous and long range 3X models. Together Balluff’s versatile SteelFace sensors can handle virtually any tough sensing job in machining, metal forming, welding, food preparation, or other harsh duty applications.
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