Long Stroke Gripper


With the PHL, SCHUNK launches a new generation of long stroke grippers. The PHL from SCHUNK alternatively disposes of a multi-tooth guidance or a profiled rail guidance, which increases the degree of efficiency of the module. More importantly, the modular design of the PHL offers 90 standardized versions from the beginning! Thus over-sizing is avoided, the air consumption and energy is minimized, and the required space for applications is reduced. With the PHL, SCHUNK makes efficient gripping of large strokes possible.

With multi-tooth jaw guidance, the PHL is particularly suitable for rough environments. The gripper is equipped with roller bearings and profiled rail guidance, achieving a 25% higher degree of efficiency. The guiding carriage of the gripper fingers have ball bearings, which minimizes friction and evenly distributes forces. Since the jaw guide is sealed and permanently lubricated, the bearing capacity of the gripper increases and reduces wear. Users benefit from the reliability, precision, and long service life of the components.

No matter if the gripper is equipped with a multi-tooth guidance or profiled rail guidance, five sizes with piston diameters between 25 and 63 mm are available. The design engineer can choose among three strokes per size, covering the whole range of strokes between 30 and 160 mm. Moreover, a spring-actuated gripping force maintenance for ID or OD gripping is available, making90 standardized versions. The largest size of the PHL disposes of a gripping force of 3500 N and a maximum admissible finger length of 600 mm. Every size is available as a special version with viton seals or for high temperatures of up to 130 °C (266° F). Gripper positions can be monitored by inductive proximity switches or magnetic switches.


  • five sizes with piston diameters between 25 and 63 mm are available
  • range of strokes between 30 and 160 mm
  • 90 standardized versions
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