Loose Fill


Let’s get this straight, what we have here is a failure to communicate. These are Loose Fill, not peanuts. Peanuts are those things you feed to the squirrels in front of the peanut shop. Loose Fill is the stuff you feed to your boxes to keep them happy until the cargo is transferred to its intended location. But if you buy our Loose Fill or our Loose Fill Dispensers, you can call them anything you want. Heck, you can call them Ben if you want. We just want you to get a great deal on your Loose Fill peanuts. 

View specifications on a large selection of Loose Fill:

  • Biodegradable Loose Fill
  • Flo-Pak® Loose Fill
  • Flo-Vac® Loose Fill Vacuum Dispensers
  • Loose Fill Dispensers & Parts
  • Polystyrene Loose Fill

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