Low-Friction Hydraulic Cylinders


Double-Acting Lock Nut Cylinders with fast hydraulic retract and high side-load capacity provide mechanical load holding for extended periods of time, providing a safer work environment. The lock nut cylinders are designed to withstand up to ten percent side-load of maximum capacity and include an integrated tilt saddle allowing up to five degrees of misalignment.


Enerpac’s lock nut cylinders are available in low height, lightweight or high tonnage models, with capacities from 20 to 1,000 tons and stroke lengths from 1.77 to 11.81 inches. The Double-Acting Lock Nut HCRL-Series are available up to 2,000-ton and additional stroke lengths are available upon request.


Key features include:

  • Certified lifting eyes, base mounting holes, and collar thread as standard
  • Stop-ring to prevent plunger blow-out
  • Low-friction lock nut, spin easy that saves time and effort
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