Low Inertia Ball Screw


Featuring an exceptionally compact and lightweight structure, the low inertia Ball Screw/Spline BNS-V enables quick starts and stops during high-speed operation.


The BNS-V is a stroke/rotary unit with ball screw grooves and a ball spline groove that cross one another on a single shaft. The nuts of the ball screw and the ball spline have dedicated support bearings directly embedded on the circumference of the nuts. Some advantages of the new Ball Screw/Spline BNS-V include a highly rigid shaft support, an angular-contact structure for highly accurate positioning and smooth motion with low noise.


The BNS-V is a downsized version of the BNS-A. The BNS-V features a compact ø72 outer diameter, a low weight of 1.00kg and a low inertia of 2.00kg•cm2, contrasted with the BNS-A ø86 outer diameter, weight of 1.67kg and inertia of 4.32kg•cm2.

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