Low Manganese Electrodes


WCM low manganese emission shield metal arc welding electrodes have a unique flux composition that supplies weld metal with significantly lower manganese content, decreasing manganese vapor emissions by as much as 60% in comparison to standard electrodes. Additionally, the line meets and exceeds the required mechanical properties and the requirements of international standards. 


The WCM product line is available in three AWS classifications, E-6011, E-6013, E-7018. E-6011 is an all-position AC/DC electrode for deep weld penetration for root passes for welding pipes and general structural welding. E-6013 is an all-position, AC/DC electrode typically used for welding cleaner steel. E-7018 H4R is a low-hydrogen, humidity-resistant, usually DC, all-position, versatile electrode used for used for many metals, including structural, that has the capability of producing more uniform weld metal. All are characterized by stable and smooth arc, easy slag detachability and excellent weld bead appearance. 


Available in 3/32, 1/8, and 5/32 sizes, the electrodes are packaged in 10-lb., vacuum-sealed, plastic containers.

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