Low Melt Batch Inclusion Film


Automated Packaging Systems, the leader in high-reliability packaging systems, has introduced new Low Melt Batch Inclusion (LMLT) Film. LMLT bags melt at temperatures lower than average plastic bags, dispersing into the product being mixed and becoming a minor component of the finished compound. LMLT is a plastic film derived from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) co-polymer resins. Using low melt bags in pre-measured batch inclusion applications helps to ensure batch quality and uniformity. With a low melt temperature (between 162-169 degrees Fahrenheit), plus excellent dispersability, film strength and compatibility with Autobag® baggers, LMLT bags are ideal for high-productivity packaging of additives used in mixing various materials. "The availability of LMLT film provides a time and labor-saving solution for customers using batch inclusion bags for plastics products, soft rubber products and adhesive manufacturing applications," says Chris Rempe, Product Marketing Manager for Automated Packaging Systems. "LMLT bags are also appropriate for applications where there are short mixing cycles, low shear rates and for low temperature mixing," Rempe added.


• Compliances: N/A • Press Printing: No • Imprinting: Not tested • Trim Seal: Not tested • Mil Thickness: 2.0 • Configuration: Autobag with restrictions
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