Low Noise Differential Preamplifier


The new Krohn-Hite Model 7008 Multichannel Differential Preamplifier provides up to 8 channels of low noise (7nV√Hz), high gain amplification to 1MHz. Fixed gains of x1 (0dB), x10 (20dB), x100 (40dB) and x1000 (60dB) are available with a common mode rejection >100dB. A 2-line, 20-character display indicates each channels setup and is used as a monitor when in remote operation. 

Pushbutton switches control coupling, bandwidth, gain, filtering, shunt resistor selection, input configuration, remote/local operation, and channel on/off. All input and output connections are BNC. Optional USB or LAN remote control available. The Model 7008 is ideal for a wide variety of applications: temperature measurements, audio engineering, radio astronomy, optical detection, process control, and a general purpose signal amplifier.


  • up to 8 channels
  • pushbutton switches
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