Low Power Valve


Bimba Manufacturing Company introducs the Low Power Isonic® V2 Valve. Building on the strengths of Bimba/Meadʼs line of Isonic® solenoid valves, the new Low Power Isonic® V2 valve provides increased versatility for unparalleled performance. The V2ʼs lightweight, high-strength polymer construction, combined with its expanded voltage options, ensures that every valve delivers long-lasting energy efficient solutions. Improved features also ensure safety and adaptability for use in a variety of environments. 

 New key features: 

  •  Power Saver––Reduce consumption by up to 60%, extend the life of battery-operated equipment, and lower overall operating costs 
  •  More Choices––Choose from 3VDC or 5VDC voltages and increase equipment compatibility 
  •  Universal Fit––Use in stand-alone applications for further energy savings or with Bimba|Meadʼs patented quick-release manifold systems 
  •  Enhanced Safety—Reduce the risk of electrical arcing, even in volatile environments 


  • high-strength polymer construction
  • expanded voltage options
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