Low Pressure Automatic Water Filter


Forsta introduces a new line of low pressure automatic industrial water filters. Low Pressure self-cleaning water filters range from 2"-30" with flow rates range from 15-20,000gpm in a single filter housing. Until now self-cleaning water filters required over 35psi for backwashing, but the new Low Pressure Series design provides an ideal energy saving solution in applications with line pressure as low as 15 psi. Equipped with Green-Clean technology, the Low Pressure Series point-of-suction backwash takes less than 16 seconds and uses less than 1% of the total flow per backwash without interrupting the main flow. Filters are available in stainless steel, carbon steel with epoxy coating or duplex stainless. The Low Pressure Series is ideal for process water, cooling water, wastewater, spray nozzle protection, and other industrial applications.   
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