Low profile and low cost M16 Connector


This new low profile and low cost M16 Connector solution meets IP67 requirements for small AC or DC motors but also existing M23 applications (retrofit with M23 foot print) as long as it meets electro-mechanical criteria (size, Amps, Voltage, etc.).

Features & Benefits:
• Low Profile and Compact: Height is only 0.89” (21 mm)
• Lower Cost: About 50% less cost than a standard M16 configuration
• Reduction of Assembly Time: Fewer parts
• Sturdy Die Cast Material in Three Finishes: Raw (blank), Nickel Plated Brass and Black Chromated
• EMI / RFI Ready: An optional EMI shield eliminates EMI/RFI Interference
• Color Coded Inserts (Optional): Power & Signal won’t be reversed
• Retrofit/Convert: M23 solutions (existing motors with M23 footprint)
• Private Labeling: Possible with minimum order
• Industries Served: Motor, Linear Motion Control, Coordinate Systems, Electro Vehicles, Communication, EMI Testing Labs, Industrial Controls, Instrumentation, Medical, Robotics, Food & Beverage, etc.

M16 Dual Signal and Power Twintus Technical Information
• Contacts: 3 - 18 • Cable Diameter Range: 0.08” - 0.43” (2 - 11 mm)
• Amperage Rating: 8 - 20 A • Temperature Range: -40° F to -257° F (-40° C to 125° C)


• Motor • Linear Motion Control • Coordinate Systems • Electro Vehicles • Communication • EMI Testing Labs • Industrial Controls • Instrumentation • Medical • Robotics • Food & Beverage, etc.

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