Low Profile XY Stage


The AU200-170x170 stage is a low profile stage measuring just 108 mm (2.252 in) high with a compact footprint (including the motors) of 458.5 mm x 458.5 mm (18.032 in.)  The linear travel of the X and Y axes is 170mm x 170mm (6.692 in.), and the resolution of each axis is 20 microns (non-micro-step) or 1 micron (20 micro-steps per step motor driver in use), repeatability is 2 microns, and the positional accuracy is 3 microns. The 4 mm per-turn lead screws have just 2 microns of backlash and the stages have preloaded V-groove and crossed roller bearings contributing to the high precision and stiffness of the AU200-170x170 Stage. 


Designed for applications such as: alignment, assembly, laser drilling, machining, medical, industrial, semiconductor handling, testing, scanning, and optical applications, this compact, low profile black anodized aluminum XY stage is easy to integrate into new or existing systems.  


The XY stage's table measures 300 mm x 300 mm  (11.8 in x 11.8 in.) and features a precision pattern of drilled and threaded mounting holes to facilitate the addition of  tooling or fixtures.  Additionally a table with a large open aperture is also available.  


The standard two-phase (1.8o) stepper motors have knobs for manual adjustments of each axis of the  stage, however, the knobs can be replaced with incremental encoders for position verification or closed loop operation.  As an option, servo motors and compatible motion controllers are also available from OES, or the AU200-170x170 Stage can be ordered as a complete plug-and-play motion control system.

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