Low Temp Black Oxide Process Now Available in a Zero-Discharge Configuration


The 30-minute TRU TEMP® low temp black oxide process is now available in a new Zero-Discharge configuration that totally eliminates the need for a drain connection. This new TRU TEMP system from Birchwood Casey utilizes Ion Exchange technology to purify and recycle the rinse waters, resulting in a “closed-loop” zero-discharge installation. The technology is available for all size systems, including 40-gallon, 100-gallon and larger capacity custom tank systems.

“Ion Exchange equipped TRU TEMP systems work well in those installations where it is impossible, or impractical, to send process rinse waters to the drain,” reports Mark Ruhland, vice president of Birchwood Casey. “In facilities with septic systems, or in plant locations inconvenient to city drain connections, the Ion Exchange system allows the process line to operate as a self-contained system. By recycling the rinse waters, the need for a drain connection and discharge permit is eliminated.”         

The primary benefit of the Ion Exchange equipped TRU TEMP system is that the process tanks can be physically disconnected from the drain. The Ion Exchange system removes all particulates and dissolved ions from the rinse waters, generating de-ionized water that is re-used over and over. The user gets ultra clean rinse tanks, no discharge to the drain, and near zero water consumption.          

The TRU TEMP process is the ideal in-house substitute for dangerous 290°F hot oxide process. Operating at only 200°F, the TRU TEMP system avoids the severe hazards of a boiling tank and is safe to install in any area of the plant. Now with the new Ion Exchange feature, a TRU TEMP installation is practical for any location without sewer district restriction.          

With a fast 30 minute blackening time, TRU TEMP forms a durable, black magnetite finish of .000020 inch thickness equal to that of hot black oxide. The in-house process streamlines part movement, provides better control of finished part inventory, and enhances ISO accountability. Most important, it gives the user a “same-day turnaround” capability to satisfy key customers and fill rush orders - without raising finished inventory levels.

Satisfying Mil Spec DTL 13924D and AMS 2485, the TRU TEMP process contains no EPA regulated metals. When a city sewer connection is conveniently located, the process rinse waters are normally sewerable as non-hazardous discharge, without waste treatment. For those installations that require zero-discharge from the system, the Ion Exchange option will satisfy those needs.          

The TRU TEMP 100-gallon line is supplied as a completely pre-engineered process line for fast setup. The system utilizes seven individual tanks, each measuring 24 x 40 x 28 inches deep, with a 100-gallon capacity. The complete process line, with Ion Exchange, occupies about 120 square feet of floor space and can process up to 4,000 pounds of work per shift. 


  • no need for a drain connection
  • “closed-loop” zero-discharge installation.
  • 30 minute blackening time
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