LR Series Level Sensor Monitors Liquids in Tanks


ifm efector inc. introduces the new LR Series level sensor for monitoring liquid level in tanks for applications that include parts cleaning, coolant monitoring, water treatment and hydraulic power units. The modular system consists of a compact, stainless steel sensor housing with numeric display and pushbutton setup, a cut-to-length stainless steel measuring probe that easily attaches to the sensor housing, and an M12 cordset for power and outputs.

The versatile LR level sensor can detect a variety of liquids that include water and water-based media such as coolants, cleaning agents, and paints. For oil and low-dielectric fluid applications, ifm offers a coaxial tube that slips over the measuring probe to provide reliable level sensing. With no moving parts, the maintenance-free level sensor does not need routine cleanings and offers a long life-in-application.

ifm offers measuring probe lengths up to 63” for deep tank applications. Parameters such as liquid type, setpoint and resetpoint are established using the menu-driven display. The sensor does not have to be installed in the process to set the parameters. Level readings can be displayed in inches or centimeters on the sensor’s 4-digit display. Bright LEDs indicate the switching or analog output.

The LR sensor’s measuring principle is echo time-of-flight using guided wave radar technology to detect liquid level. This technology enables a strong signal strength and the ability to ignore build up.

The Micro DC units are available with 2 or 4 switch points and a scalable analog output. Starting list price for a complete system is less than $500.00. (US).

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