LTC4236 Diode-OR & Hot Swap Controller


LTC4236, a dual ideal diode-OR and single Hot Swap controller, features a load current monitoring output. High availability systems—servers, network routers, and solid-state drives—power circuit boards with multiple power supply feeds. The LTC4236 combines (diode-ORs) two power supplies while providing inrush current control, over current protection, and current monitoring, all in a compact footprint. 


Summary of features:

  • Ideal diode-OR & inrush current control for redundant supplies
  • Load current monitoring output
  • Low loss replacement for power Schottky diode-OR
  • Enables safe board insertion into a live backplane
  • 2.9 to 18-v operating range
  • Fault, power good & diode status outputs
  • 28-pin 4 x 5-mm QFN package
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