Lubricant Brochure


Cortec's new lubricant brochure delivers information on all that Cortec lubricants have to offer its customers and clients.

The available lubricants are detailed and categorized into four categories: greases, metalworking fluids, oils, and other lubricants. The brochure includes a buyer’s guide that expands upon the products’ descriptions, packaging options, and applications.

Cortec lubricants provide lubrication and corrosion protection in humid and harsh environments by utilizing Nano-VpCI (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors).  Cortec not only offers highly effective corrosion inhibitors, but they also provide environmentally friendly options. Many products are USDA certified as biobased products.  Cortec lubricants can be used to increase service life on conveyors, chains, cables, hinges, rollers, shafts, rails, pins, bearings, machinery, drives, motors, or doors.

With years of experience and knowledge, Cortec understands the needs of the market. In order to facilitate and achieve success, the main purpose of this brochure is to provide formulators with up to date information on new products, applications, and changes within the lubricants line of products. Cortec lubricants integrate many technologies along the company's VpCI chemistry in order to eliminate corrosion caused by corrosive fluids, chlorides, or humid environments.


  • Categories: Greases, Metalworking Fluids, Oils, & other
  • Feature: Buyer's Guide
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