M-XP™ Hydraulic Hose


Gates new M-XP™ hydraulic hose combines the flexibility of wire-braid construction with the strength and performance of spiral-wire reinforcement. The result is a two-braid wire hose that is economical, yet can handle 4,000-psi high-impulse applications in all sizes. The Gates hose has been tested at an industry-leading 1,000,000 impulse cycles (at 212°F), which exceeds the SAE standard of 200,000 impulse cycles and the Gates minimum requirement of 600,000 impulse cycles for typical wire-braid hoses. The high impulse cycle testing increases service life and makes M-XP hoses ideal for out-of-sight and hard-to-reach applications such as boom arms and scissor lifts used in the mobile equipment and construction markets. Gates M-XP hose is engineered with one-half the SAE bend radius requirement. This reduces hose length requirements up to 47 percent, and allows for greater flexibility and easier installation in confined spaces. Rather than using expensive spiral-wire couplings, M-XP hose can be fitted with Gates economical, one-piece, wire-braid MegaCrimp® couplings that also exceed 1,000,000 impulse cycle tests. M-XP hose assemblies meet MSHA requirements.
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