M1 Edge 2D LiDAR Sensor


The M1 Edge 2D LiDAR Sensor paired with Quanergy’s QORTEX Aware perception software is an integrated software and hardware solution designed to automatically collect, analyze, and interpret LiDAR point cloud data for a wide variety of industrial applications without additional programming.


The solution includes compact, lightweight LiDAR sensors with sensing capabilities up to 656.2 ft (200 m), broad 360° coverage, and an angular resolution of 0.033°.These robust sensors are rated up to IP67 for harsh environments and perform reliably in any lighting or weather condition, providing up to 60,000 hours mean time between failure.


M1 Edge integrates the sensor with on-board QORTEX Aware smart perception software to monitor user-defined detection zones and trigger an alarm on the sensor’s digital output if there is any activity within the zones. Users can create up to eight pre-configured evaluation fields, each with up to three detection zones, where the evaluation field is selected via the sensor’s digital output.


It is ideal for collision avoidance and smart navigation for mobile robots, port automation, and warehouse logistics applications. When mounted on an AGV or AMR, the sensor monitors the surrounding area, flagging potential dangers and obstacles in the vehicle’s path. The detection zones being monitored can dynamically change based on the vehicle’s movement.


Furthermore, M1 Edge provides accurate detection and measurement for stationary and dynamic applications that require simple alerting when an object enters a monitored area.


  • Number of detection zones per field: 3
    • Three digital inputs and three digital outputs to support
    • Up to eight evaluation fields, dynamically selectable
    • Up to three configurable detection zones within each evaluation field
    • Easy and flexible setup and configuration of alert zones
  • Range: Detect objects up to 656.2 ft (200 m) at 80% reflectivity, ideal for complex industrial applications such as loading and unloading containers on and off ships
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