M12 Panel Mount L-Coded Connectors for Power Supply


The M12 portfolio now includes panel mount connectors with L-coding and dip solder contacts. As part of the 823 series, this compact connector is used for hand soldering, wave soldering, and reflow soldering on PCBs.


The M12-L is a space-saving alternative to the 7/8-in. connectors typically used in power supply, making it ideal for Industrial Ethernet applications in the PROFINET environment. When mated, the connector offers IP68-level protection and is suitable for both front and rear panel mounting.


The 823 series features two-piece male and female connectors with separate mounting bodies and socket housing to allow soldering to be done without the housing, reducing the stress load on both components.


  • Series: 823
  • Size: M12
  • Coding: L
  • Voltage: 63V DC
  • Current: 16 A
  • Degree of protection: IP68 (mated)
  • Pin Count: 4+FE
  • Contact Surface: gold
  • DIN EN IEC 61076-2
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