Machine Aluminum Faster With Onsrud’s Line of Tools for Aluminum


Onsrud Cutter LP, a leading supplier of cutting tools, has introduced a line of high-performance end mills for aluminum materials. The offering consists of 2 and 3 flute tools for roughing and finishing applications, and includes the industry’s largest selection of corner radii and neck and flute lengths. The large “sweet spot” of the tools allows for chatter free machining at high RPM and on heavy cuts. The resulting maximum metal removal rates mean maximum productivity in aluminum machining applications. For machining centers with coolant through the spindle capabilities, Onsrud recommends the same 2 and 3 flute tools with unique coolant-through design that directs the coolant at the cutting edge. The coolant provides lubricant, dissipates heat and clears chips, which is especially important during deep cavity work, resulting in increased tool life and productivity levels. Coolant at the cutting edge also contributes to superior finishes and prevents chips from adhering between the flutes. The unique design also maximizes the effect of “minimum quantity lubricant”, or MQL, by ensuring that lubricant reaches the cutting edge of the tool.
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