Machine Cuts & Notches Cable


C3 Auto Whip is touted as the first machine capable of notching and cutting MC, AC/BX and Flex cable with a solution that is fully automated after easily programming the touchscreen interface.


It is significantly safer than any current cable-cutting machine that’s available because the cutting saws on the C3 Auto Whip are fully enclosed by the machine’s housing.


Precision programmable controls make it easy for users to cut armored cable with repeatable accuracy. The C3 Auto Whip’s careful design is configured for lockout/tagout to ensure that the machine is de-energized during blade changes. A Lexan polycarbonate shield allows the user to safely oversee the cutting process.


Features at a Glance:

  • Fully-enclosed machine case prevents risk of injury
  • Quick and easy set-up and walk-away for faster use
  • Touchscreen interface is easy to use and easy to program
  • Use USB port to upload custom whip configurations
  • Effortlessly change between whip configurations
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