The RapidWire™ machine perimeter guarding system was designed and is manufactured utilizing WireCrafters® 40+ years of experience to provide a system that is simple, strong and is industry standard compliant. A modular system which is designed to exceed ANSI/OSHA, CSA and EU 953 standards, allows for combinations of standard parts to meet application specific requirements. The systems three basic components: framed panels, posts and a wide variety of door styles, provide the flexibility to design and install any type of machine perimeter guarding required to make your robotic cell secure. RapidWires™ welded wire panels have superior strength because the panel’s wires are welded at each intersection, then framed with 1-1/4”x1-1/4”x 13 ga. angle. By virtue of being welded wire, panels can be field modified to fit exacting dimensional limitations without loosing any of their structural integrity. An extensive offering of doors completes the RapidWire™ system with hinged and slide door types being the most popular. Complementing the door offering is a complete line access controls. Furnished in standard system heights of 5’, 6’ and 8’, RapidWire™ machine perimeter guarding systems can be provided with options such as door interlocks, wire chases, polycarbonate and solid steel panels as well as weld curtains. RapidWire™ provides the ultimate in Safety, Security and Value. Manufactured using the latest designed mesh welder, the efficient production of which allows for substantial cost reductions due to this process. RapidWire™ the highest value machine perimeter guarding offered by any manufacturer.
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