Machine Vision Quality Control Camera


The Chromasens 3DPIXA 3D line scan color camera helps manufacturers improve productivity by preventing defects, reducing waste, and increasing yield, while also making it possible to achieve compliance with new traceability requirements.

Employing factory-calibrated stereo engineering, the Chromasens 3DPIXA simultaneously captures two images of the same object to output both color images and 3D altitude data in real time. Height and shape are calculated using special algorithms running on the very latest GPU (Grapical Processing Unit) designs including the NVidia GTX Titan. With an optical resolution of e.g. 10 µm and a height resolution of up to one micrometer, the camera enables 3D inspection with an unprecedented level of accuracy at high speed.

Chromasens 3DPIXA cameras are available in two different principle designs: a compact system with a resolution of 15µm / 30 µm and a line frequency of up to 21.2kHz, and the 3DPIXA dual system with a resolution of e.g. 10µm and a line frequency of up to 50kHz, which is suitable for higher resolutions or inspection speeds. The latter variant can inspect at speeds of up to 500mm/s at 10 µm optical resolution.


  • Resolution: 15µm / 30 µm
  • Line Frequency: Up to 21.2kHz
  • Speed: Up to 500mm/s
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