Mactac Catalog: Foam Bonding Guide


The latest edition (2020) of the foam bonding guide offers the most recent updates and guidance in adhesive-foam selections.


An excellent resource for fabricators and converters, the guide aids in adhesive selection for foam bonding applications–from gaskets, seals, and gap-filling to thermal and acoustical insulation, vibration dampening, filtration, dunnage, cushioning, and everything in between.


To generate the guide, Mactac partnered with several key foam manufacturers to closely evaluate core grades of foam commonly used in combination with pressure-sensitive adhesives. Foam manufacturer partners included K-Flex, Armacell, Monarch, Rogers, Palziv, Zotefoam, and W.T. Burnett. The guide suggests adhesive-foam pairings as well as adhesion recommendations for general foam chemistries. Featured Mactac adhesives include high-performance and versatile rubber adhesives, cold temperature and low-VOC adhesives, and aggressive, high-performance, and modified acrylic adhesives.

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