Magnetic Encoder


Vert-X 51 Series of rotary magnetic encoders feature up to 16-bit resolution and repeatability to 0.1° – depending on model.


Measurement range is 0 to 360 deg and physical measurements of the housing are 30 x 50 mm. These encoders are ideal for harsh environments with ingress protection to IP 67, and stainless steel housing and shaft are available.


Eight output options are available including 0.1 to 10 v, 0.5 to 4.5 v, 4 to 20 ma, SPI, CANopen/GL certified, PWM, and SPI. Versions with 5 or 24 v supplies as well as redundant outputs are available.


Vert-X 51 Series is offered with up to two TTL switch outputs and some versions are programmable with CW/CCW sense of rotation, start and end points, custom characteristic curve, switches and index point.



  • shock up to 50 g
  • vibration to 20 g
  • axial & radial shaft loads to 45 N
  • –40 to 125°C operating & storage temp range
  • life over 200 million movements
  • mean time to failure up to 668 yr
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