Magnetic Funnels Simplify Workflow


Constructed of Polyethersulfone material, the MF Series Magnetic Filter Holders utilize a magnetic coupling between funnel and base, which holds the system together securely and allows for single handed operation along with rapid membrane filter changes. The robust chemical compatibility of the PES housing and its ability to withstand autoclaving make these holders ideal for a range of applications, from microbiological testing to prefiltration of chemical solutions.


Every step in the filtration process is enhanced using this technology. The built-in membrane guide and bevel design enable easy positioning and retrieval of the filter. Both 300 ml and 500 ml funnels are conveniently graduated in 50 mL increments to aid in volume measurement while pouring. Compatible hose barb and sealing gaskets allow for connection to a variety of receiving flasks and storage bottles. This series is easily adopted into varying filtration set-ups from single use with a receiving flask to 3 or 6 place manifolds for maximum throughput.

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