Magnetic Lifting Tool


Moving steel and iron around within a manufacturing operation or metal fabrication business has been simplified with the introduction of the MagFORKLift by Bunting® Magnetics. This great new device works in conjunction with any type of Fork Truck to easily move up to 1,100 pounds of material.
“The MagFORKLift is ideal for any business that either lacks an overhead crane or their crane doesn’t cover certain areas of their operation,” stated Don Lindstrom, General Manager for Bunting’s Magnet Materials Division. “Either way, the MagFORKLift can handle the situation and get the metal or iron where it needs to go.”

The MagFORKLift attaches to the two forks on any Fork Truck and works in conjunction with four different sizes of Bunting® MagLift™ Hand-Controlled Lifters. MagLift™ Lifters are designed to save time and labor by holding, carrying, and releasing loads more efficiently than any other manual or mechanical method. These easy-to-use Lifters attach to the MagFORKLift simply and quickly and get their holding power from powerful permanent magnets and do not require special cables or costly electrical hookups.

The MagFORKLift and MagLift Permanent Magnetic Lifters can safely handle many different shapes and sizes of loads. They concentrate their magnetic energy and hold securely through air gaps and surface coatings. Once the powerful magnet has been “turned on” by rotating the control handle on the MagLifter, the fail-safe mechanical locking mechanism ensures that it cannot be “turned off” accidentally.
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