Magnetic Linear Encoders For High Performance Machinery


Admotec Inc., leading designer and producer of precision magnetic encoders and solid rotor resolvers for harsh environments has introduced a new line of linear magnetic encoders for high performance in demanding automated machinery applications. The E Series linear magnetic encoders provide high performance in measurement and feedback applications where optical scales don’t work or don’t last. These linear encoders consist of a self-adhesive stainless-steel-backed magnetic tape and a magnetoresistive sensor with built-in resolution enhancing interpolator. Resolutions between 0.5 and 200 µm/edge can be chosen to match any control requirement. The E Series linear sensors are supplied in a CE approved IP67-rated aluminum housing with a stainless steel bottom. Two adjustable wipers at each end of the sensor provide light cleaning action as the sensor moves. The E Series linear magnetic tape is laminated to a flexible stainless steel strip with an adhesive backing for direct mounting to any clean flat surface. In addition to these standard configurations, customized versions are also available. Admotec’s E Series magnetic encoder systems are designed to provide optimum performance for OEMs in demanding machinery applications including textile, woodworking, packaging, plastics, machine tools, marking, paper and converting and industrial automation.


• ResolutionUp to 0.5µm/edge • Accuracy ±10µm • Maximum Speed10 meter/second • Channel Frequency5 MHz maximum • Operating Temperature0 to 50°C • Airgap0.3mm or 0.8mm nominal • Tape LengthUp to 10 meters/segment • Supply Voltage5.0 ±0.25 Vdc • Supply Current150/250 mA typ./max.
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