Magnum PRO Aluminum Pistol-Grip, Push-Pull Gun


The newest Magnum PRO Aluminum Pistol-Grip, Push-Pull Gun enhances aluminum push-pull welding operations by offering features aimed at reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


This welding gun’s superior push-pull wire feeding technology reduces friction, ensuring smooth feeding and minimizing wire damage. A quick-change liner and removable drive-roll cover provide easy access to wire and drive rolls.

A lightweight, ergonomic handle is perfect for heavy-duty work. Its well-balanced pistol grip fits in either hand. A recessed adjustment dial is conveniently located at the rear of the handle to prevent unintentional variations while welding.

The Magnum PRO Aluminum Pistol-Grip, Push-Pull Gun comes standard with 550A expendables and can use all compatible consumables for Magnum PRO MIG Guns.



  • Superior Push-Pull Wire Feeding Technology
  • Quick-Change Liner
  • Magnum PRO Expendables
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic Handle
  • Recessed Adjustment Dial
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