MagRes Absolute CAM Encoder Eliminates PLC or PC Control Systems


Quick and easy to install and program, the MagRes CAM Encoder processes data and converts it to useable switching points along its rotation. Using this simple, inexpensive control mechanism, manufacturers can easily program start/end points, critical change points, process speeds, and other control functions.

Offering exceptional performance at a highly competitive price, the MagRes CAM encoder handles rotational speeds up to 1500 rpm. This small encoder offers flexible programming using standard ProGeber software. Useful in a range of industries, the device is ideal for equipment with simple, slow movements that will actuate further processes.

The robust bearings, high quality components, and rugged industrial aluminum housing used on the MagRes CAM encoder increase encoder life and deliver a shock rating of 100G. Available with IP65 protection, the encoder will operate in temperatures as high as 75°C and relative humidity as high as 95%. Output signals are transistorized sourcing or sinking. Ideal for a range of industries, the MagRes CAM encoder can be used for positioning applications in markets such as access control, automated assembly, medical equipment, and heavy machinery.

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