Baumer Ltd. has introduced a line of MagRes Magnetic Absolute Multi-turn Encoders in unique, hermetically-sealed housings.   Designed to thrive in a range of harsh end use environments, these robust, tightly sealed encoders are built to withstand exposure to aggressive contaminants, impact, vibration, long-term submersion, and intensive cleaning procedures.

An innovative patented sensor for speed, direction, and position monitoring, the MagRes Hermetic series offers up to 12/18 bit resolution, are zero-point programmable and operate optimally in temperatures from –40 to 85 degrees C.   These compact encoders measure just 58 mm in diameter, yet offer a maximum shock load up to 300 g,2ms.  Available in shaft and hollow shaft versions, MagRes Hermetic encoders feature SSI, CANopen and Profibus-DP integrated interfaces, or DeviceNet and EtherCAT interfaces on unites with modular bus covers.  Increased explosion protection is available on customized models.

Ingress of particulate or liquid contaminants into housings, and mechanical overload of bearings are the most common reasons for encoder failure.  MagRes Hermetic encoders are designed with exceptionally robust ball bearings with large bearing distances that allow shaft loads up to 280N in radial and 270 N in axial direction.  For optimum bearing protection against particulates these encoders feature Simmerling(R) seals covered with impact-resistant metal rings that prevent UV aging of the seal.

MagRes Hermetic encoders are suitable for use in a range of harsh end use applications including food/beverage processing, heavy equipment, medical devices/equipment, specialty vehicles, energy generation equipment including wind turbines, chemical/petroleum processing, water treatment, printing equipment, shipbuilding/marine vehicles, and a range of other indoor and outdoor uses.  Due to their cavity free design, these encoders can be hygienically cleaned in place.  Stainless steel housings protect against aggressive corrosive materials such as acids, caustic chemicals, sea water, detergents and milk.
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