Mail Order Fulfillment Systems


Automated Packaging Systems, the leader in high-reliability bag packaging systems, has introduced several new custom bag packaging systems for mail order fulfillment and shipping applications. These new bag packaging systems offer integrated weighing, printing, packing and verification processes that automate the order fulfillment operation. Custom engineered systems often include a built-in PC for database synchronization and information exchange, plus barcode scanners, scales, printers and inserters. One such system is the Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125 OneStep™ bagger.

Thiscompact system integrates easily into small to medium sized pick and pack fulfillmentoperations where verification of contents is critical. The system includes a 3-point validation system that uses barcode scanners to match the order paperwork to theproduct and again to the shipping label prior to indexing the next order. Cycling willpause anytime barcode scans and database fields don’t match, thus preventing anypotential packaging errors. The Autobag AB 255 OneStep™ with integrated Quanta software is fabricated into anefficient, turnkey, ergonomic workstation.

This unique system automatically scans theproduct to be shipped as it is weighed, then correlates that LPN or SKU number with thecustomer data to print a packing slip and return label right at the workstation. Theshipping bag is directly printed with the required shipping label, and once the product isloaded and cycled, the system automatically seals the bag and conveys it away whileanother barcode scanner closes out the order. This type of customized solution canprocess up to 10 orders per minute and significantly improves productivity for singleitem orders.


  • integrated weighing, printing, packing and verification processes
  • automate the order fulfillment operation
  • 3-point validation system
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