Maintenance-Free Coupling Technology


Made from 2 counter wound torsion springs and no internal components, the TSC500 offers a maintenance free, flexible coupling with the ability to work at larger angles than traditional universal, CV, Cardan, beam, bellows, and other flexible coupling units, at both low and high speed.


The flexibility of the springs means it can operate over a wider range of angles and can take punishment that would destroy most other coupling technology. This means a stronger coupling that is more flexible than what the market offers today. The two spring’s means the unit is also multi directional offering the same amount of thrust in either direction. Minimal backlash and torsional stiff provides the ability to swap out existing coupling technology makes the TSC500 a great choice for engineers looking for an improved customer experience.


  • A maintenance free alternative to Universal and Constant Velocity joints
  • Larger angle of usage – operational usage of over 20-deg.
  • Able to absorb impacts with its twin spring design
  • Bidirectional high-low speed design
  • No moving parts, no bearings so no greasing and regreasing required, this saves you time and money
  • Can run in water, mud, dust, and dirt
  • Springs allow transfer shock to be absorbed, nullifying “jackhammer” shock and reducing the chance of damage to the powertrain.
  • 90+% efficient, torque is absorbed and transferred making it one of the most fuel efficient power coupling units available
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