Maintenance-Free, Food-Grade Roller Chain


Drives Element roller chain, a maintenance-free, sintered bushing chain, is designed specifically for applications where regular lubrication is not possible or practical. With more than 2.5 times the wear performance of the current industry-leading sintered bushing roller chain, Drives Element is an ideal choice for packaging, food, and beverage or general applications where traditional lubrication and lubrication systems are not an option.


The name “Element” reflects the combination of three essential roller chain performance elements into a single patented design:

  • Integrated Lubrication – Drives Element utilizes a premium H1 food-grade lubricant with a proprietary bushing that maximizes the lubricant available to the pin, thus eliminating the need for traditional in-application lubrication and reducing the opportunity for product contamination.
  • Superior Wear Performance – Extended Life CHP chrome-hardened pins offer a smooth, hard pin surface that works in concert with the lubricant and bushing to minimize wear, thereby reducing chain elongation and providing greater than 2.5 times the wear performance of the industry-leading sintered bushing product.
  • Corrosion Resistance – Element chain also features Silver Shield CR coating on exposed surfaces, providing three times the corrosion protection of nickel-plated chain and making it suitable for high-humidity applications.


The Drives Element roller chain is designed to operate at a maximum speed of 160 ft/min and at temperatures ranging from 14º/-10º to 302ºF/150ºC. It is available in single-strand ANSI 40, 50, 60 and 80 sizes as well as double-pitch C2040, C2050, C2060H, and C2080H.


Drives, a leading manufacturer of chain products, offers a broad line of superior quality precision roller chain, attachment chain and engineered conveyor chain for the world’s toughest applications. Providing the most comprehensive line of quality chain products, Drives delivers cutting-edge solutions with nearly 60 years of advanced engineering knowledge and experience.

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