Maintenance-Free Universal Joint


A new maintenance-free alternative to Universal joints and Servo couplings:

  • High speed High torque
  • No internal components means no maintenance
  • Larger angle of usage without vibration
  • Able to absorb impacts with its twin spring design
  • Multi directional high-low speed design
  • Suits any industry, any coupling situation
  • No moving parts, no bearings so no greasing and re-greasing required, this saves you time and money
  • No vibration
  • Runs at high or low speed, torsionally ridged at low angles
  • Can run in water, mud, dust and dirt
  • Springs allow transfer shock to be absorbed, nullifying “jackhammer” shock and reducing the chance of damage to components.
  • 90+% efficient, torque is absorbed and transferred making it one of the most fuel-efficient power coupling units available
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