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Goodway Technologies announces the release of its 2018 maintenance products catalog featuring their innovative industrial maintenance and cleaning solutions. Goodway’s high-quality products include tube cleaning systems, industrial vacuums, cooling tower maintenance systems, dry vapor sanitation solutions, descaling systems, coil cleaning products, hose & pipe cleaning systems and more. The catalog also highlights customer and employee stories.


The catalog contains a variety of product lines focusing specifically on industrial plant maintenance. In addition to the popular tube cleaning and descaling solutions, like ScaleBreak, the catalog will feature the addition of new products including the CC-201T. The latest innovation in the CoilPro line, with 200 PSI of cleaning power, the CC-201T coil cleaning system has a portable design and unique tableted cleaner/growth inhibitor. The tablet-based coil cleaner, CoilShine-T, delivers all the powerful, yet safe-on-coils cleaning capabilities of our CoilShine liquid cleaner at a fraction of the size and weight. This innovative feature eliminates the need to lug around gallons of heavy and bulky coil cleaner. It also boasts a 25’ hose for when extra stretch is needed to reach a coil. The CC-201T is perfect for cleaning coils on PTACS, Mini Split, AHU’s and more.


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