Maintenance Tapes


We offer a wide selection of tapes with pressure sensitive adhesive that are used in routine maintenance applications. Some of these include Teflon® Coated Fiberglass Tape (for Heat Sealers), Vinyl PVC Tape (Floor, Lane & aisle marking, Color Coding, Duct & pipe wrap), Polyester Tape (Masking, Powder Coating,) Striped Warning Tape (Marking), Fiberglass Tape (Hi- Temp Electrical Wrap, Thermal Spray Masking), Foil Tape (Plasma Spray, Reflective, HVOF), Polyurethane Double-Coated Foam Tape (Mounting, Bonding), Gasket & Sealing Tape, Silicone Self Fusing Tape (Fuses onto itself, permanent wrap).

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