Map Your Magnets for Optimal Performance


A measurement system that allows for quality control of permanent magnets by combining highly accurate magnetic field mapping and crack detection is the SENIS Magnetic Field Mapper, or MMS-1A-RS. It is a high-end magnetic field scanner that can be applied for mapping of all three components of DC or AC magnetic field. It can be used as a quality assessment tool in production lines for accurate 3D mapping of permanent magnets.


The device measures magnetic field performance with pinpoint accuracy. The ultrathin Hall probe is positioned very close to the rotor, and measures the magnetic fields at different positions or different points around the rotor. This gives a ‘map’ of the magnetic field, allowing the developers to see if the rotor is magnetized correctly. If the rotor is at optimum performance then it can be integrated into the application.


The SENIS Magnetic Field Mapper doesn’t just provide magnetic field mapping, it also detects cracks in the magnets, known as eddy-current probes. Eddy-current probes can root out microscopic cracks in conducting materials. Parts can be tested either before or after magnetization.


  • 3-axis Hall probe for 3D magnetic field measurement
  • magnetic field measurement accuracy: 0.1%
  • selectable measurement ranges: 50mT – 2T
  • probe positioning accuracy: 2μm / 0.02°
  • In-situ, automatic calibration
  • easy probe interchangeability
  • customizable, user-friendly mapper software
  • scanning volume: 135 x 135 x 135 mm
  • sliding probes available
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