The new PRO-PEN P5000 bench type marking machine is easy to use for marking all types of materials up to a hardness of
a 62 HRC, and features an integrated control unit that operates without computer interface. Utilizing micro-percussion technology, the P5000 delivers high quality rapid marking of up to 5 characters per second. The user-friendly P5000 requires no installation or on-site training and is virtually a “plug and play” marking unit.  A new and unique large, helpful viewing window allows the operator to easily preview a marking text or graphic in advance for enhanced production efficiency. The P5000 is a cost-effective shop solution for a wide range of marking jobs in large or small lots. The unit is equipped with USB ports to allow for extended memory and links to database as needed. RS232 and Ethernet is also standard.

The P5000 is available with pneumatic or electromagnetic stylus. The marking zone is 100 x 120mm with character size from 0.5mm to 80mm in steps of 0.1mm. Part heights to be marked are up to 300mm. The unit weight is 75 lbs.

The P5000 is expandable and modular to suit nameplate and tag marking, cylindrical part marking and automatic tag marking applications as needed.
Other options include footswitches, quick start/stop control panel, de-oiler
air filter and more. PRO-PEN marking units are available through
a nationwide distributor network and backed with application support.  


• Power: pneumatic or electromagnetic • - Marking area: 100x120 mm • - Character size: 0.5 -100 mm (0.1 mm increments) • - Height of the part to be marked: max. 300 mm • - Dimensions: L=580 mm - W=280 mm - H=734 mm • - Weight: 34 kg • - Standard marking tool: PN22 or EM11/c • Energy: pneumatic or electromagnetic • Marking zone: 100x120 mm • Characters size: from 0.5 to 100 mm in step of 0.1 mm • Height of the part to be marked: up to 300 mm • Dimensions: L= 580 mm, W= 280 mm, H= 734 mm • Weight: 34 kg • Standard marking tool: PN22 or EM11/c • Electrical supply: 100 to 230 V • Power: 300 W, Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz • Operating temperature: 5 to 45°C • Compressed air supply (pneumatic version): • Air pressure 5.5 bar nominal/81 PSI • Ø 1/4’’ pneumatic female gas connector • Equiped with air treatment
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