MarSurf™ WS 1 Optical Surface Metrology System


Mahr Federal has expanded its offerings in the world of
optical surface metrology with the introduction of the MarSurf™ WS 1.
Utilizing white light interferometry in a compact design, the MarSurf WS 1
offers vertical resolution of 0.1 nm (.004 µin) and provides
three-dimensional measurement in only a few seconds. Utilizing MarSurf XT 20
topographical evaluation software, the space-saving MarSurf WS 1 can be
configured to work both in the lab and on the shop floor.

"With the new processes and materials available these days, traditional
stylus measurement is often not adequate to characterize the functional
behavior of surfaces," said Pat Nugent, Vice President of Metrology Systems
for Mahr Federal. "The MarSurf WS 1 can provide the three-dimensional
recording and evaluation needed, as well as the non-contact measurement
required by soft and sensitive materials. In addition, new processes are
achieving ever higher levels of surface quality, greatly increasing the need
for greater resolution and measuring accuracy."

The white light optical sensor in the MarSurf WS 1 enables the rapid,
high-precision recording of surface topography on a wide range of materials.
Using white light and a CCD camera, the system is able to collect height
information through the field of view of the camera. Both the test surface
area and a high-precision reference surface built into the objective lens
are imaged simultaneously by the camera. During measurement, the Mirau
objective is moved in small steps in the Z direction, using a piezo
positioner. The resultant interferograms are recorded as image stacks and
converted into height data.

The MarSurf WS 1 can be used in both precision inspection rooms and
production environments, and on both reflective and rough workpieces. High
vertical resolution allows the surface roughness measurements on optical
components such as lenses or mirrors with sub-µm accuracy. Texture can also
be measured on micromechanical components on virtually any material,
including glass, paper, metal, plastic, and various coated surfaces.

MarSurf XT 20 topography software is a powerful evaluation tool which offers
a wide range of functions including many proposed 3D parameters. In
addition, because the MarSurf XT 20 software is fully integrated with the
MarWin platform, users are also able to access Mahr's well-known MarSurf XC
20 contour software or XR 20 surface roughness software to perform
micro-contour and all standard surface finish parameters.
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