Mast Boom Lift


JLG Industries, Inc. has done a ground-up redesign of its T32E Toucan mast boom lift. “Extensive upgrades will allow customers to better maneuver the machines, access more areas, and increase productivity on the jobsite,” said Jeff Ford, JLG Industries global product director – aerial work platforms. Upgrades to the T32E Toucan mast boom lift include 80 percent fewer hoses and fittings than its predecessor, the E33MJ lift.  As a result, the T32E Toucan requires less maintenance and has fewer leak points, providing more simplicity for owners and operators.  The T32E Toucan also includes a direct electric drive instead of a hydraulic drive for increased duty cycles and greater operator productivity on a single charge.

“A better duty cycle means our customers can get more life out of a battery because the power is being used much more efficiently. This allows for more time working and less time charging,” said Ford. Thanks to a 47-inch wide base, the T32E Toucan is an ideal machine for warehouse applications and manufacturing operations with tight aisles.  What’s more, with a horizontal reach of 14 feet, the T32E Toucan can go up, out, and over to access high objects on either side of an aisle.  Productivity is further enhanced with a faster travel speed (3 mph vs. 2.2 mph), the ability to climb steeper grades (25 percent vs. 20 percent), and a new rotating platform (not available with the E33MJ).


  • 80 percent fewer hoses and fittings
  • direct electric drive
  • horizontal reach of 14 feet
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