Master Bond Polymer Adhesive EP21AO is a two component, thermally conductive, electrically isolating epoxy adhesive, sealant, and coating with a forgiving 1:1 mix ratio by weight or volume. This versatile system will adhere to a wide variety of substrates including metals, glass, ceramics, and many plastics. As a thermally conductive adhesive it forms high strength bonds of over 1800 psi tensile shear. EP21AO resists a wide range of chemicals including water, oils, fuels, and some solvents over the temperature range of -60°F to +250°F. It also possesses a low coefficient of expansion and excellent dimensional stability. A low viscosity version called EP21AOLV is also available. That system is particularly well suited for potting applications.


 - Convenient mixing: non-critical equal weight or volume ratio.
 - Easy application: contact pressure only required for cure; adhesive spreads evenly and smoothly;
self leveling feature.
 - Versatile cure schedules: ambient temperature cures or fast elevated temperature cures as required.
 - High bonding strength to a wide variety of substrates.
 - Low coefficient of expansion, low shrinkage, superb dimensional stability.
 - Superior durability, thermal shock and chemical resistance.
 - Outstanding thermal conductivity, over 10 BTU•in/ft2 •hr•°F.
 - Excellent electrical insulation properties.


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