Master Bond Polymer System EP19HT is a storage stable one component liquid epoxy resin system for durable, high performance adhesive/sealants, impregnants and liners. It features excellent storage characteristics at ambient temperatures yet cures readily at elevated temperatures to a tough, strong and chemically resistant thermoset plastic. Low viscosity facilitates handling at ambient temperatures and is particularly desirable for impregnation applications. Master Bond EP19HT is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or diluents therefore shrinkage upon cure is minimal. The recommended cure schedule is 1 hour @ 250°F, for best results postcure 1 additional hour @ 300°F. Shorter cure times can be achieved at temperatures between 325-350°F. The cured materi al has high physical strength properties (tensile strength more than 10,000 psi), is thermally stable (heat deflection temperature more than 280°F) and has superior electrical insulation properties (volume resistivity greater than 1015 ohm cm) as well as remarkably good chemical resistant properties.


- Low viscosity assures convenient handling and easy processing.

- Fast cure 1 hour @ 250°F, for best results postc ure 1 additional hour @ 300°F.

- 100% reactive system containing no solvents or diluents assuring minimal shrinkage upon cure.

- High physical strength properties.

- Superior thermal stability up to 400°F.

- Remarkably good chemical resistance to water, inorganic acids, bases, salts and many organic solvents.

- Excellent electrical insulation properties.

- Superior storage characteristics.

- Non-hydroscopic

- Low odor and toxicity.

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Hi, This is Smith working for GE, I am writing this email to request for the product name EP19HT Rev Date is 6/19/2009 updated SDS sheets. We tried to retrieve it from the website but was not able to find. Thanks Smith