Master Bond Polymer System EP21AR is a two component epoxy resin compound for durable, high performance, coating liner and adhesive/sealants with outstanding acid as well as excellent overall chemical resistance. The EP21AR compound which is formulated to cure at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures, with a convenient two-to-one non-critical mix ratio by weight, offers unsurpassed acid resistance. It can successfully withstand, for example, prolonged immersion in even 96-98% sulfuric acid and 36% hydrochloric acid for more than a year. A primary application would be as a coating and/or liner for chemical storage tanks, fuel storage tanks, chemical piping, scrubbers, chemical processing equipment, etc. Master Bond Polymer System EP21AR also features excellent resistance to fuels and oils. In addition, it has superb bonding strength and is an excellent adhesive especially in acid environments.


- Convenient mixing: non-critical two-to-one (weight basis) mix ratio.

- Easy application: 100% reactive compound does not contain any solvents or diluents and can be applied in any desired thickness: compound spreads evenly and smoothly.

- Versatile cure schedule; convenient ambient temperature cures; fast elevated temperature cures.

- High bonding strength to both similar or dissimilar substrates.

- Durable, high strength, coatings, adhesive/sealants with exceptional acid and superior chemical resistance.

- Superior thermal shock resistance, good electrical insulation properties and resistance to abrasion.

- Outstanding temperature service capability from -60°F to +275°F.

- Low shrinkage, excellent dimensional stability.

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Is there from Master Bond, a Multi purpose, 100% solids, ceramic/metal epoxy engineering resurface grade specially designed to protect equipment suffering from corrosion/erosion, and where can we buy it in the asia pacific region?