Master Bond Polymer System EP51FL-1 is a two component highly flexible epoxy resin system for high performance bonding sealing and coating. Although most flexiblilized epoxy formulations are very slow curing, EP51FL-1 offers a relatively rapid cure, with a setup time in most cases of about 30-40 minutes and full cure within 24 hours at room temperature. In addition, EP51FL-1 will cure more quickly at elevated temperatures. It has a convenient one to three mix ratio by weight or by volume. The cured compound exhibits a remarkably high peel strength of more than 35 pli along with an elongation of greater than 125%. EP51FL-1 will form flexible, high strength bonds on many different substrates including metals, glass, ceramics, wood, various rubbers and many plastics. The cured epoxy is an excellent electrical and thermal insulator with outstanding resistance to chemicals such as water, oils, hydraulic fluids, bases and salts. Master Bond EP51FL-1 is widely used in the electronic, electrical, computer, optical, metalworking, appliance, automobile and aerospace industries where good flexibility and fast cure are desirable property traits. EP51FL-1 withstands thermal and mechanical shocks and has superb resistance to thermal cycling. In addition, EP51FL-1 has been used in cryogenic applications as both an adhesive and sealant. Its service temperature range is 4°K to 250°F. A paste version called EP51FL-1ND is also available when a "non-drip" system is required.


- Convenient mixing: non critical one to three (1/3) mix ratio by weight or volume

- Easy application; higher viscosity liquid spreads evenly and smoothly

- Fast ambient temperature cure schedules. Can be accelerated by heat

- High peel strength and elongation. Excellent thermal and mechanical shock resistance

- Superior adhesion to a wide variety of substrates

- Superb electrical insulation properties

- 100% reactive, no solvents, diluents or volatiles emitted during cure or in service

- Serviceable at cryogenic temperatures down to 4°K

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