Master Bond Steelmaster 43HT is a high performance, stainless steel filled two component epoxy resin system for the cost effective repair, maintenance, rebuilding, restoring and resealing of worn or damaged metallic components. It is formulated to cure rapidly at room temperature and features a convenient 5 to 1 mix ratio by weight. It is easily mixed and applied with minimal sagging. This unique epoxy resin system develops high physical strength properties and exhibits excellent adhesion to many substrates, especially metals, particularly steel and steel alloys, as well as to non-metallic substrates including ceramics and plastics. The bonds feature remarkably high resistance to thermal cycling and chemicals including water, oil and most organic solvents over the exceptionally wide temperature range of -60°F to more than 400°F. The color of part A is steel gray and the color of part B light tan. The color when mixed is a metallic gray color. Aside from its use as a repair/rebuilding system, Steelmaster 43HT is an excellent adhesive for bonding carbide to steel in OEM or repair situations, particularly when high compressive strength is needed. Steelmaster 43HT has wide applicability in the metalworking, machine tool, construction, appliance and automotive industries.


- 100% solids; contains no solvents; minimal shrinkage upon cure.

- Convenient mixing: non-critical 5 to 1 mix ratio by weight.

- Easy application: compound spreads evenly and smoothly.

- Versatile cure schedules: quick ambient temperature cures; faster elevated temperature cures.

- Excellent corrosion resistance.

- High bond strength to many substrates, particularly metals.

- Superior dimensional stability and temperature resistance.

- Readily machinable after cure.

- Exceptionally high compressive strength.

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