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Remke Industries recently introduced their new master catalog – Catalog 70 – featuring several new products and expanded product families. In Catalog 70 the family of Dome Cap™ Cable Glands have been expanded with the addition of a new EMC cable gland and ventilation plugs.  The new Dome Cap EMC Cable Glands, available in both metric & Pg threads, are equipped with 6 internal ‘fingers’ that clamp onto the cable shielding to prevent 360° electromagnetic interference.  Dome Cap Ventilation Plugs are available in both polyamide and stainless steel.  These ventilation plugs reduce the adverse affects of humidity in the environment by preventing pressure inside the enclosure & limiting temperature increase through air circulation. Also new to Catalog 70 are Stainless Steel and Chrome-Plated Watertight Conduit Hubs.  

Available in ½” to 4” hub sizes, Type 316 Stainless Steel Hubs offer the highest levels of durability in severely corrosive applications or high moisture environments where washdowns for cleaning may be required.  Chrome-Plated Conduit Hubs, in the same sizes, feature corrosion & wear resistance and are suitable for use in IP 54 applications with dust & water spray.  All Remke Watertight Conduit Hubs (including the original die cast zinc version) feature a design with unique angled serrations for a larger surface & a NEMA 4 rating.Remke’s Master Catalog 70 includes several new additions to the Mini-Link family of Molded Connectors & Cordsets.  The product line has been expanded with Hi-Temp Silicone Connectors, in 2 through 5 pole configurations, for applications with extreme temperature changes or flexibility & severe environments where absolute reliability is required. 

Another addition to the product line is Attachable Mini-Link Connectors (in 3-4-5 pole configurations) which provide essential flexibility for wiring in the field.  The overview of both the Tuff-Seal & Tuff-Link product lines have been expanded.  Located in the opening pages of their respective sections in Catalog 70, these full-color overviews begin with a Markets Served Matrix – a chart detailing which products are best suited for both General Industry applications such as automation & MRO, and Corrosion Resistant applications like food processing and petro chemical.  Presented next in the overview is a look at the major product groups within the line including a bulleted list of the various options available.  The overview concludes with an introduction to the Remke Flexible Solutions Center which is totally dedicated to designing custom products, specials, adaptations & variations.

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