Mastercam X Mill, the next generation of its powerful and successful milling software


Mastercam X Mill Delivers Speed, Power, and New Opportunities
CNC Software unveils the next generation of its leading CAD/CAM software

Tolland, CT – CNC Software announces the release of Mastercam X Mill, the next generation of its powerful and successful milling software. Mastercam X Mill introduces significant new capabilities, including many 3D toolpath additions and enhancements, improved backplot capabilities, a new surface finish pencil toolpath, new high speed machining, machine and control definition, and much more.

New Surface Finish Pencil Toolpath
Traditional “pencil trace” machining offers an efficient method of final cleanup machining, removing material that previous finish passes missed. Mastercam X’s new “finish pencil” strategy extends this efficient technique to the whole part, delivering a remarkably clean piece. This new technique divides the part into logical machining segments, then automatically finishes and “cleans up” the part in a single toolpath.

Machine and Control Definition
Mastercam’s Machine Definition stores knowledge of your machine and control. You can now create toolpaths for all your machine types (Mill, Lathe, Router, and Wire) in one session of Mastercam, and the interface will change based on the type of machining. Based on the selected machine definition, Mastercam allows you to perform functions that are applicable only to that machine. Mastercam automatically checks toolpath compatibility if you have to move your work from one machine to another.

Mastercam’s backplot function has been rewritten for the new release, making it faster than ever before. Backplot is a visual simulation of your toolpath before actual code is created. This allows you to verify that your toolpath is correct before investing the time and money actually cutting your part. A slider bar is now present which allows you to view any area of concern, without having to watch the entire backplotting process from start to finish. Also, tools are now available for verifying toolpath information, time of cut, feeds and speeds, and more.

Additional Milling Enhancements
- Mastercam X Mill now offers support for tapered tools, including flat, bull, and ball, for all toolpaths.
- Mastercam now gives you unlimited negative stock to leave on your part.
- STL machining has been improved. It is now faster then ever before and requires less memory.
- Mastercam provides gouge-free handling of surfaces with sharp internal corners. If you receive inaccurate models, Mastercam will automatically adjust the toolpath to prevent gouges.
- Rough Pocket facing automatically recognizes the flat areas in your part and performs a facing operation for increased efficiency.
- Safety zones have been improved and give your toolpath a safe move in 3D space, not just to the clearance plane, ensuring your part stays gouge-free.
- Zip2Go utility allows you to take your files and libraries and package them up to send to other people.

About Mastercam
Developed by CNC Software, Inc., Mastercam is Windows®-based CAD/CAM software for 2- through 5-axis milling and turning; 2- and 4-axis wire EDM; 2D and 3D design, surface, and solid modeling; artistic relief cutting, and 2D and 3D routing. CNC Software is a privately owned corporation founded in 1984. The U.S.-based company provides Mastercam CAD/CAM solutions to more than 85,000 installations in 75 countries in industries including mold-making, prototyping, automotive, medical, aerospace, and consumer products. Mastercam runs under Windows 2000 and Windows XP and is compatible with all other CAD/CAM systems.
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